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Dual-Glazed R-5 Technology

Dual Glazed
SunClean Self Cleaning Glass
Soft Coat Low-E Glass on Surface 2
Hard Coat Low-E Glass on Surface 4
DuraLite Energy Efficient Spacer
Argon Gas Filled Air Space
Enviro-Foam Insulated Sash & Frame
Antimicrobial Weather Seals
Ultimate View – UltraVue Screen

Cabernet R-5 Green Shield Windows

Cabernet R-5 Green Shield energy-efficient, Energy Star™ qualified windows save you money each and every day. Plus, you’ll be more comfortable the whole time you live with them.

Designed to ensure top performance, the Cabernet R-5 Green Shield window system has double insulating glass, one lite of solar selective soft coat low-e glass, argon gas filling, Duralite™ warm edge spacer, one lite of U4 hard coat low-e glass, Enviro-Foam insulated frame and sashes, anti-microbial treated weather-seals and UltraVue™ screen.

In our time of increasing environmental awareness and rising energy costs, homeowners are looking for ways to go “green” without breaking the bank. One way is to replace your inefficient windows. Of the homeowners “greening” their homes through remodeling projects, nearly half replace their windows.

Windows can account for between 10 and 25 percent of the total energy consumption for the heating and cooling of an average home. Installing energy-efficient windows can greatly reduce energy consumption and, most importantly, the amount of money required to comfortably heat and cool your home.

Cabernet R-5 Green Shield are dual glazed. They have SunClean solar selective soft coat low-e glass on surface two and U4 hard coat low-e on surface four. These windows have the most energy-efficient spacers, as measured by their U-value (a measure of thermal efficiency).

Choosing the most energy-efficient windows can save you hundreds of dollars a year, spare the environment from tons of CO2 and improve your windows’ thermal performance as much as 45 percent over clear insulating glass windows.

How can you start saving money and the environment? Choose B.F. Rich Cabernet R-5 Green Shield. The Green Shield label tells you at a glance which windows will decrease your home’s environmental impact and increase the amount of money in your bank account.


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