CleanSweep Gutter Protection System


Features Include:

* Prevents debris from clogging gutters and downspouts

* An easy to install low profile design for an attractive & clean look

* Deters water run-off that can damage your home’s exterior and foundation

* Helps protect gutters from winter ice dams

* Available for 5″ and 6″ K-Style gutters

* 5 colors to choose from:


1 - The back of the profile features a rubber based insert that is set at 45° angle to sit on top of the hangers for added support and to ensure positive drainage. The rubber is impervious to the damaging effects of hot and cold temperatures, which means it will not rot or become brittle.
2 - Opening width allows maximum rain water flow.
3 - A longer front lip is available that extends beyond the gutter to help prevent “tiger striping”. The drop in system does not lay beneath the shingles, which means it will never jeopardize the integrity of the roof or its structure.


Installation Instructions

  1. Clean and flush existing gutters and downspouts thoroughly with water prior to installing.
  2. Place the CleanSweep Gutter Protection system on top of the gutter with the rubber strip against the fascia or drip edge.
  3. Install front edge of CleanSweep even with front of gutter and fasten with screws or rivets at 24″ to 30″ on center.  Factory overlap is required at each adjoining section of CleanSweep gutter protection.  It is recommended that screws be installed near the back end of every overlapped section.

Installation Note:

  • It is recommended that the flow from high-level gutters must be drained with downspouts directly into lower-level gutters and sealed.


For more details, please check out these videos: